Alis L-Series on Rewinder

Automatic Label Inspection Systems help significantly reduce waste during printing. The ALIS camera systems check every label passing through the slitting rewinder, detecting printing mistakes at speeds up to 320 m/min. The rewinder is then controlled to slow down and position the defect for viewing. The image of the defect is clearly displayed on the screen and the operator can quickly repair it by replacement or splice-out. On pharmaceutical rewinders, the repaired segment can be re-inspected. PDF verification technology is used to automate setup and assure one point of reference. Statistical information is collected and organized in easy to read, graphical reports. The 100% inspection assures that no printing defects reach the print customer.


Automatic inspection works by comparing a known good image, called “reference” with the image of each label. The reference image can be taken from the material, from a previous job or from a digital prepress PDF file. During inspection, the camera system compares the reference image with the print, allowing for process deviations like colour change, register and die-cutter moves. When the deviation exceeds a set tolerance, ALIS signals the host machine to stop and shows the operator the position of the defect and the possible cause.

What can be checked ?

The ALIS system detects typical printing defects like color change, broken or missing print, ink spots and streaks, register change, matrix, splices and missing labels. Optional inspection modules can be added to check variable printing, bar codes, Datamatrix, security features and make special measurements.

Materials and Processes

The automatic illumination of the ALIS-L inspection system adapts to practically all types of substrates and processes. Special finishing like hot and cold foil, embossing, metalized substrates and transparent films can be reliably inspected.

Electronic job ticket

The electronic job ticket input of the system assists quick job change and configuration. By scanning the bar-code of the factory job ticket, the system retrieves from the MIS server all product data, including prepress PDF and automatically configures all parameters. The operator must only command the system to start inspection. Quality managers can set inspection sensitivity in advance together with the job data. With the full job information, the inspection system can also prevent a number of finishing mistakes.

A reliable assisstant

The high resolution, high quality image of the system assists the operator in monitoring the web. Defects are clearly indicated and the operator can quickly identify and repair them. The automatic inspection frees the operator from constantly monitoring the web and reduces eye strain.

Fast and Easy to use

No computer knowledge is required to operate a Nikka system. The machines are all equipped with a touch screen, information is displayed graphically and buttons are operated by touching the screen. No mice or keyboards are needed. The machine guides the operator through each procedure. Image on screen exactly matches the image on paper. ALIS systems are available in all major world languages and most operators are comfortable with the system after e few hours of training.

Web widths and options

ALIS L systems are available for three web widths – 330 mm, 420 mm, 560 mm, 620 mm and 760 mm. The L2 model is available for new rewinders and as retrofit module. The system can be fitted to all popular rewinders. The Alis L2 is highly customizable with Barcode, Variable Data and OCR optional modules. The machine is available with precision CCD black and white and color cameras with resolutions 2K, 4K, 6K and 8K depending on the application.

Modular, Upgradeable and Reliable

Nikka inspection systems are based on Nikka’s 50 years of experience and innovation in the graphics industry. All machines are modular and field upgradeable for quick repair. One year remote maintenance via secure Internet connection and upgrades is included with each L2 or C2 system. Upgrade packages help keep your Nikka inspection system competitive for years to come.

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