Touchscreen Technology

Touch screen technology has been part of the Nikka Research product line since the year 2000. Initially regarded as curiosity, in 2010 touch screen interface is the technology of choice for every device pretending for user friendliness.

Unlike many other products, where touch screen was added as an afterthought, the Alis C and L inspection lines are developed from the beginning on the touch screen concept. In search of the perfect interaction between operator and machine, Nikka Research has developed a proprietary interface and graphic driver using the full capabilities of modern touch monitors. The result is intuitive, intensive graphics supported operation that makes the machine easy to learn and fun to work with. For example, to reposition an ink-jet printed number, the operator simply drags the number in the desired position.

With all functions of the inspection system available from the touch screen, the operator can concentrate on operating the machine. The monitor can be placed at the most suitable for operation position, the height and position individually adjustable.

The following products are touch screen operated: