Optical Character Recognition

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. This technology adds “reading” capability to computerized devices. OCR programs search alphanumeric symbols in the scanned image and convert them to clear text. The graphic information is converted into characters, this makes possible to use the printed information. For example, in a sequential numbering application, after reading the current number, the system can check if it is correct by comparing it to the previous one. The decoded values can be stored in a database, compared to bar-code decoded values, etc.

OCR technology enables the creation of closed loop printing and control systems for variable data. For example the Alis-Jet ink-jet group controller programs the ink-jet heads to print variable information and automatically sends the expected value to the OCR module. In this way every variable printed element is controlled for consistency and the system assures that no codes are missed or doubled.

The Nikka Research OCR module adds alphanumeric decoding capabilities to the ODRI, Alis C and L product lines. Typical applications include security, games and pharmaceutical applications: