On-Press Inspection

The camera is typically mounted after die-cutting and lifting the matrix or in the automatic rewinder. It is configured to simultaneously scan the complete web width. After adjusting the printing machine, the operator commands the inspection system to store the current state in a reference image and start inspection. The camera system continuously compares the reference image with the print and if significant changes are detected, alerts the operator and shows on screen the defect.

Installing an inspection system on a printing press brings many benefits:

Concurrently with 100% inspection, the inspection system on-press provides a wealth of additional functions to the operator and to production and quality management:

The inspection system on the printing press alone cannot stop sporadic defects but it adds significant value to a modern high speed press. It contributes to operation mistake avoidance, waste reduction, improves visualization of the printed product and assists the operator to bring the best of the press.

Supported Platform Machines: