Inspection on Rewinder

Currently this is the most popular form of 100% inspection. The camera is mounted in the slitter rewinder and inspects the full width of the moving web. If a defect is found, the rewinder is controlled to slow down and position it at a viewing position. The image of the defect is displayed on screen; the operator identifies the defect and decides how to repair it. In pharmaceutical rewinders, the repaired portion of the web is passed again under the inspection system for re-inspection.

Inspection in the last step of the production process is the best method to assure that no defects will pass on to the end customer. This is the only viable inspection method for zero defect tolerance applications like pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Waste material is thrown away and if not enough material is present a reprint might be required.

Inspection systems on slitting rewinders contribute to the quality awareness of the team and are well accepted by the print buyer. They collect objective process information. Quality management may improve quality by analyzing the defects found by the inspection machines, locating the causes and implementing measures to correct them.

Supported Platform Machines: