Nikka Vision Guided Slitting System

Modern high speed label application lines impose strict requirements for the position of the label relative to web edge. Small deviations may cause costly line jam and stoppage. The label production process is multi-pass. Each production step - printing, die-cutting, top-label application and slitting introduce small inaccuracies of the position of the label relative to the web edge. These inaccuracies accumulate and are best visible on the slitting rewinder. Meeting label edge position accuracy requirements becomes increasingly impossible without the use of automatic control.


The Nikka NVS (Nikka Vision Slitter) is a camera based slitter guidance system. A camera takes pictures of the running web and “locks” on features of the label (die-cut edge or printed pattern). The control unit steers the slitter block and the slit line always follows the reference “anchor”. This frees the machine operator from constant monitoring of the slit line, compensates the sideways drift of the die-cut and inaccuracies of web-guides. The result is a precise slitting line with 0.2 mm typical accuracy. NVS does not require specially printed guiding marks and achieves considerable material savings compared to existing printed line guiding schemes.

What NVS can do?

NVS will work on most materials including clear-on-clear and clear-on-paper. Special lighting and processing algorithms reliably locate the die-cut line or printing pattern on the label. The control system will steer the slitter from jog speed to maximal 250 m/min. Typical slitting accuracy is 0.2 mm. Alarms are issued if slitting tolerance is exceeded or in other critical situations. The operator can correct the slitting line position with convenient control panel mounted buttons. The system collects cutting line position statisticsand prints a report at the end of the job.

Fast and easy to use

No computer knowledge is required from the operators of Nikka systems. The machine is equipped with a touch screen, information is displayed graphically and buttons are operated by touching the screen. The machine guides the operator through the setup process. Image on screen matches the image on paper. NVS systems are available for all major world languages and most operators are comfortable with the system after e few hours of training.

Modular, Upgradeable and Reliable

Nikka inspection and control systems are based on Nikka’s 50 years of experience and innovation in the graphics industry. All machines are modular and field upgradeable for quick repair. One year remote maintenance and upgrades via secure Internet connection is included with each NVS system. Upgrade packages will keep your Nikka control system competitive for years to come.

Supported Rewinders

The NVS is available as factory option for Prati, Rotocontrol and Rotoflex rewinders with shear-knife and razor-blade slitters. The controller supports up to two slitting units (second is optional). A retrofit kit for existing rewinders is also available.

Your advantages:


Touchscreen Reports Dualscreen capable