Data Acquisition

Inspection systems are mounted at different production machines. Their primary function is to control quality and alert operators of defects and deviations. At the same time, the cameras are in a unique position to collect process information about the job and send it to central storage for processing. Today all Nikka products are network enabled and support this function.

Every inspection system has information about the job, the state of the machine and the current settings. The server patiently collects the pieces of information about each job and organizes them. This data is a treasure trove, so we have designed a tool for data mining the Nikka Reporting system. Now authorized users can log in and query the system about a job, machine, or a group of these. Answers are organized in easy to read graphs and tables. Standard features include statistics about production speed, percentage of good meters, inspection settings, defect type statistics and many others.

The reporting system adds transparency to quality management, production and inspection processes. Built on standard SQL database, it can be easily linked to the company MIS server, providing valuable information about real job production time and material use. Production planning and cost estimates can be now based on facts, reducing risk and improving productivity.